About the Blog

Greetings one and all! If you’re looking for my new story, “Ederu Chronicles,” you’re in the right place. Just go to the sidebar and click “Hyperlinks,” or follow the link below. Ederu Chronicles has a specific reading order, so please don’t use the “Post History” page for casual reading.

If you are starting Ederu Chronicles for the first time, please follow the link below:

This blog was intended to chronicle my progress as I get into the second stage of design for a very important project of mine: a tabletop roleplaying game system currently under the working title of “Oldest World,” and the setting of Trimachae that is built to accommodate it. However, that information proved not to be popular, so I am no longer posting that (though I have left it up for your viewing pleasure). Instead of my game system, I have decided to post a piece of interactive fiction I am writing. Originally hosted on Gamers Plane, where I continue to update it, my new story Ederu Chronicles will take this blog in a different, more enjoyable direction.

Fight on, and fight well,
Basol Prime

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