1. Hyperlinks to Ederu Chronicles

If you are following the story actively, please select Carson’s, Kendra’s, or Yoshi’s route and follow it until you see “The End.” Right now, the story is in progress, so you will get to a page referral that has not been posted yet, instead of an ending. Please be patient and wait for the next daily post, instead of starting over from a new perspective. The three routes do not intersect, and the main characters named above do not enter into each other’s routes. To find information for beginners, please see the About Page.

Chapter 1 of CARSON’s route begins here:

Chapter 1 of KENDRA’s route begins here:
Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of YOSHI’s route begins here:
Chapter 1

The entirety of each route can be found by clicking “Ederu Carson,” “Ederu Kendra,” or “Ederu Yoshi” under Categories (the little folder icon), or by following these links:
Please try to stick to a route constructed of choices you made, as it will provide the most enjoyable reading experience. Attempting to read ALL of the options listed under the Ederu Carson category, for example, will include events that will not happen in the path you chose.